Dennj was born in 1988 in the Emilia-Romagna countryside, a reality of few souls. After some experiences in the most diverse fields, he finds his definitive vocation in the atelier of his town’s tailor. The two met somehow by chance, during lunch breaks (at that time, he was the store manager of a small multi brand boutique). Thanks to her, Dennj learns the values of slow production, hand-made work and sartorial precisions, which rhymes with uniqueness. Everything begins with a small t-shirt capsule collections, then the dream begins to levitate.

His creations mirror his cosmopolitan eye, as he is fortunate enough to be able to travel quite often. With the help of a brief, but necessary parenthesis in a Milan fashion school - the city he elects as his hometown - he learns the language of fashion, the mechanisms of the industry. With such added value, soon he goes back to his personal testing ground; his sewing ma- chines. Here he designs, experiments, tries, imagines and develops. He achieves dexterity. An exercise in style he does not neglect, not even for a single day.