The brand _DENNJ_ spins around two main concepts: sustainability and multi-functionality in fashion. Both are given equal importance throughout the creative process.

_DENNJ_ is sustainable because it does not buy any new fabric. Everything is carefully researched from vintage products, repurposed from upholstery leftovers, found in flea markets, or given as a gift by clients or friends. The very ideation of any item necessarily takes into consideration fabric availability and selection. This is both an act of protection towards our planet and an incredible everyday training in style and sartorial technique. All garments are produced with natural, single-origin materials, assembled by composition. This keeps their future destination and reintegration within a circular economy.

_DENNJ_ is multifunctional because of its stratification, versatility, multi-layering and multi-purposing. The products are often double-face and chameleonic, so that they can change their very shape, if accompanied by accessory pieces with a lower environmental impact, but equal fashion power, originality and emphasis. _DENNJ_ was not born with the idea of signing a total look. Instead, it offers a few, impactful pieces, which should interact with and give uniqueness to an already existing wardrobe.