Dennj Malaguti was born 1988 in the Emilian province.
Reality of a few souls, but his soul is attracted by the journey, by the new. The country rediscovers and enhances the slow rhythms, the sartorial precision, which rhymes with uniqueness. An ancient knowledge and a cosmopolitan eye condensed in his collection, who admired the gaudy Iberian beauty, the quick Atlantic resolve, from Iceland to Portugal, the golden Moroccan Berber placidity, the Andean dizziness, the Caribbean turquoise and the Indochinese mysteries .
From these elements his first capsule collection was born: HUMO, in Spanish, smoke.
Voluptuous, concentric, exact turns. Airlines, birds, made of organza and fabrics, all natural. That are reconciled with "exact" structures, from almost Japanese rigor to contain their lightness. The result? Clothes for every woman, to live and stratify. HUMO solicits an assembled and precious, unique wardrobe. Every day the wearer decides how to make it his own.