There are two driving ideas behind the Dennj brand: sustainable fashion and multifunctional fashion. Both are kept on an equal footing in every moment of the creative process.
The concept of sustainable fashion is expressed not buying any new material, but inheriting all the fabrics from previous vintage garments, from furnishing fabrics, from treasures from flea markets and from private donations. The very ideation of a garment is necessarily confronted with the fabric available, its selection represents a gesture of safeguard for the planet, but also a gymnasium of style and sartorial technique, because the assembly must take into account the future destination of the garment and its possible disposal.
Multifunctionality for Dennj means layering potential and versatility of the multi-layered and multipurpose garment. The circle, therefore, closes giving rise to a natural symbiosis between the two cornerstones of the brand, evident precisely in the finished product, which is often double-faced and chameleonic, capable of completely changing its appearance, if embellished with garments with a lower environmental impact. Finally, multifunctionality is also the integration of the Dennj creation into the customer's wardrobe. The brand was not born with the intention of creating a total look, but to propose selected pieces of impact, to be interacted with the customer's outfit.